rotary engine

rotary engine
n. internal combustion engine in which rotation is conveyed straight to rotating parts

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Rotary engine — Rotary Ro ta*ry, a. [L. rota a wheel. See {Roll}, v., and cf. {barouche}, {Rodomontade}, {Rou[ e]}, {Round}, a., {Rowel}.] Turning, as a wheel on its axis; pertaining to, or resembling, the motion of a wheel on its axis; rotatory; as, rotary… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • rotary engine — n. 1. an engine in which rotary motion is produced directly, without reciprocating parts, as a steam turbine or Wankel engine 2. an early type of radial engine with the cylinders rotating around a stationary crankshaft …   English World dictionary

  • Rotary engine — The rotary engine was an early type of internal combustion aircraft engine in which the crankshaft remains stationary and the entire cylinder block revolves around it. The design was used mostly in the years shortly before and during World War I… …   Wikipedia

  • rotary engine — 1. an engine, as a turbine, in which the impelling fluid produces torque directly rather than by acting upon reciprocating parts. 2. a revolving radial engine. [1810 20] * * * Internal combustion engine in which the combustion chambers and… …   Universalium

  • rotary engine — An internal combustion engine which is not of a reciprocating (piston) engine design. There is no true crankshaft, although the power take off shaft is sometimes called the crankshaft. It is stationary or fixed in that it simply spins in place.… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • rotary engine — noun 1. an internal combustion engine in which power is transmitted directly to rotating components • Hypernyms: ↑internal combustion engine, ↑ICE • Hyponyms: ↑turbine, ↑Wankel engine, ↑Wankel rotary engine, ↑epitrochoidal engine …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rotary engine (disambiguation) — A rotary engine was a rotating piston engine used in some early aircraft.Confusingly, the Wankel engine a pistonless internal combustion engine used in NSU and some Mazda cars has also been referred to as a rotary engine Rotary engine may also… …   Wikipedia

  • rotary engine — ro′tary en′gine n. 1) mac an engine, as a turbine, in which the impelling fluid produces torque directly rather than by acting upon reciprocating parts 2) mac aum an internal combustion engine, as the Wankel engine, whose power is developed by a… …   From formal English to slang

  • rotary engine — noun 1》 an aircraft engine with a fixed crankshaft around which cylinders and propeller rotate. 2》 a Wankel engine …   English new terms dictionary

  • rotary engine — noun Date: 1837 1. any of various engines (as a turbine) in which power is applied to vanes or similar parts constrained to move in a circular path 2. a radial engine in which the cylinders revolve about a stationary crankshaft …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • rotary engine — noun any of several types of internal combustion engine in which the power output is directly rotational …   Wiktionary

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